There are four main components of the Switchboard Percussion System

  • The Primary Board
  • The “60/40” Rear Guard Board
  • The Detachable Accessory Components
  • The Mounting Systems

The Primary Board

  • Fully padded top and sides eliminates contact noise (even on the edges, that some other trap tables seemed to forget about). Available in Charcoal Black and Stone Grey
  • A familiarly useful size for musicians, the Primary Board measures 19×12″ (pretty similar to a common music stand). The Primary Board is even mountable in a snare stand using the basket (snare stand not included).
  • A total of 29 sockets at strategic points allow for thousands of different custom configurations and combinations when using the Detachable Accessory Components.
  • Front left and right edges have glow-in-the-dark marks for easier coordination in low light circumstances.
Mountable in most snare stand baskets

“60/40” Rear Guard Boards (RGBs)

  • Five 3″, semicircular, felt-lined divots split 60/40 for resting/positioning/dropping sticks, mallets, slapsticks, bows etc. in an organized, stable manner for easy access.
  • Easily attaches to rear edge of Primary Board, either one or both pieces at a time, with the use of two set screws. Also stows to underside of Primary Board for easy cartage.
  • Top left and right edges have glow-in-the-dark marks for easier coordination in low light circumstances.
  • Three divot, “60” segment is also mountable to side edge to make room for accessing longer implements
  • Also doubles as separators for individually hung chime tubes, when mounted parallel to rear of Primary Board

Detachable Accessory Components

The Detachable Accessory Components are what makes the Switchboard truly versatile, and a bit fun to experiment with. Using the 29 threaded sockets on the primary board (7 large, 22 small), players are given the opportunity to fine tune placement of each element.

  • The Switch Hooks – Compatible with the 22 small threaded sockets on the primary board and made of aluminum, they allow the player to better utilize vertical space by hanging mallets by their heads, off the side edges of the Primary Board. They are sheathed in black latex and feature a 20º upward bend at the last inch, with a nylon wing-nut to lock the Switch Hook into position. Whether suspended between or laid across two or more hooks, implements and objects – or phones or drinks – are sure to stay where you need them.
    • Skinny Hooks – use for suspending mallets of all kinds
    • Fat Hooks – a larger diameter permits hanging mallets with heads as small as 1/2″
  • Reversible L-Hooks – Compatible with the 7 larger sockets on the Primary Board and made of lightweight aluminum, they are designed to hang tambourines, studio headphones, caxixi, vibraslap, etc. from the underside of the Primary Board.

    Sheathed to eliminate contact noise and featuring an 85º bend to prevent objects sliding off of the hook, it is threaded at both ends to allow either the shorter or longer arm to be used, depending on the needs of your setup. Rotational position is locked in place with a nylon wing nut and the opposite end comes with a high visibility cap covering the threads.
  • J-Hook – Compatible with the 7 larger sockets on the Primary Board and made of sturdy steel with a noise-reducing sleeve, the J-Hook has two functions in the Switchboard system. Its size and shape make it ideal for hanging finger cymbals, whistles, an Opera Gong, a pair of wire brushes, or use a pair of J-Hooks to hang your small stick bag! The second function is as part of the Keyboard Frame Mount.
  • Side Guard Brackets (SGBs) – When implements accidentally roll off a stick tray, it usually could have been prevented at the corner of the tray. The Side Guard Brackets attach at the four corners so that if the divots on the Rear Guard Boards “miss a play”, the SGBs are another line of defense against the clatter. SGBs also serve a second function as part of the Keyboard Frame Mount.
  • Carrying Handle – Attachable to either side edge of the Primary Board. May also be used to hang a mallets. This application may be especially useful if space constraints in your setup do no allow Switch Hooks on one side, as the handle only requires ~1” of horizontal space when mounted (Switch Hooks use 4” of horizontal space)

The Mounting Systems