The Switchboard is a new, Patent Pending modular percussion tray.

You are a serious player who doesn’t make excuses. Whatever the situation, you make it work. Period.

Still, “making it work” means spending some amount of time or energy first devising and then working through a compromise.

Maybe the trusty ol’ towel on a music stand doesn’t have the amount of real estate you need. Maybe there’s just one tricky spot where you need to grab sticks without looking down or knocking things off the table. Maybe you don’t want to dedicate a precious hardware clamp and cymbal stand – along with the floor space the legs eat up – to mount an accessory table. Not to mention other percussion tables are just too bulky to schlep on top of everything else.

Or maybe you’d just like to make a better impression.

No matter the situation – or how well you can just “make it work” – it’s invaluable to have the right tool for any given gig.

The patent pending Switchboard modular percussion tray is designed with precisely that idea in mind.

More to follow. . .